08/08/12: Bottlenose dolphins

2hr survey; Start time 09:00

Weather conditions: overcast/ fair; sea state 1, wind N-NE

Two bottlenose dolphins

Two bottlenose dolphins were seen at the end of the survey by the fish
factory, travelling east.

2hr survey; Start time 11:00

Weather conditions:
overcast/fair; sea state 1, wind NNW

Two bottlenose dolphins

During the first half of the survey two lone bottlenose dolphins were
seen. One was seen foraging by the fish factory and later over by the cardinal
buoy. The other was seen leaping, lunging and tail slapping.

2hr survey; Start time 13:00

Weather condition: fair; sea state 1; wind NW

No sightings

2hr survey; Start time 15:00

Weather condition: overcast/fair/sunny; sea state 1; wind NW

No sightings