07/16/12:Bottlenose Dolphins and Atlantic Grey Seal

 2hr survey; start time: 09:00

Weather conditions: Variable between sunny/rain; Sea state: 3; Wind direction: SE

Four bottlenose dolphins


Towards the end of the survey one adult and one juvenile Bottlenose Dolphin were seen travelling E between the fish factory and the cardinal buoy, thought to be foraging whilst on the move. These dolphins were joined by two more adults travelling in the same direction exhibiting the same behaviour.


2hr survey; start time: 11:00

Weather conditions: Variable between overcast/rain; Sea state: 2-3; Wind direction: S/SW

Four bottlenose dolphins, one Atlantic Grey Seal


Bottlenose Dolphins were observed throughout the survey. Separate Bottlenose Dolphins were seen foraging below the fish factory and off the cardinal buoy. An Atlantic Grey Seal was sighted just off the harbour wall. An adult and juvenile Bottlenose Dolphin were seen foraging between the harbour wall and the fish factory.



2hr survey: 13.00

Weather conditions: Variable between rain/overcast; Sea state: 2/3; Wind direction: SE

No Sightings


No Sightings.

2hr survey: 15.00

Weather conditions: Variable between rain/overcast/mist; Sea state: 3/4/2; Wind direction: SE/E/NE

One Atlantic Grey Seal


Female Atlantic Grey Seal sighted just off the Harbour wall towards the end of the survey.