07/06/14: Bottlenose dolphins and narbour porpoise

2hr survey. Start time 09:00
Weather conditions: overcast/ dull, sea state 1, wind SE
Seven bottlenose dolphins and one harbour porpoise

No sightings were recorded during the first 30 minutes of the survey. Then a harbour porpoise was seen travelling west through the survey area. Several bottlenose dolphins were then seen foraging near the fish factory, before then travelling east. At the end of the survey six bottle nose dolphins including one calf were seen near the cardinal buoy, some tail slaps and leaps were recorded.

2hr survey. start time 11:00
Weather conditions: overcast/dull / rain, sea state 1, wind direction W
Six bottlenose dolphins.

Bottlenose dolphins were not seen until 45 minutes into the survey, when one appeared near the fish factory travelling east through the survey area, followed shortly after by a mother and calf. At the end of the survey one bottlenose dolphin was sighted near the fish factory, foraging at depth.

2hr survey. start time 13:00
Weather conditions: overcast/dull , sea state 1, wind SW
Three bottlenose dolphins

Three bottlenose dolphins were seen slow circling at the surface near the fish factory for most of the survey some tail slaps were also recorded. No dolphins were seen in the last 30 minutes of the survey.

2hr survey. start time 15:00
Weather conditions: fair/ sunny , sea state 1, wind SW

No sightings