06/08/2017: 4 Atlantic Grey Seals and 5 Bottlenose Dolphins


1.5 hour survey, start time 10:45

Weather conditions: sea state 1-4, visibility >10, light swell

2 Atlantic Grey Seals, 5 Bottlenose Dolphins


The first group of dolphins (2 adults) were seen foraging with gannets feeding and associating with the cetaceans. A lone dolphin was seen after but its behaviour was unknown. This was followed by a sighting of two seals bottling in the water. Another two lone dolphins were spotted after, both foraging.


1.5 hour survey, start time 13:53

Weather conditions: sea state 2-3, visibility 1-10, light/medium swell

2 Atlantic Grey Seals


Two Atlantic Grey Seals were seen in the water 70m away from the Anna Lloyd.