06/07/2013: Bottlenose Dolphins, Atlantic Grey Seals and Harbour porpoises

4 hour. Start time: 10:00
Weather conditions: sea state 1, visibility >10km, Light Swell
Twelve Bottlenose Dolphins, Four Grey Seals & two Harbour Porpoise

(Anna Lloyd) Bottlenose Dolphins were spotted immediately in the survey, they were recorded foraging. The observations came quickly after that with individuals being recorded close to the base of bird’s rock. Soon after a seal was spotted in the water, swiftly followed by a sighting of a pair of harbour porpoise. A group of 3 adult bottlenose dolphin were also recorded towards the end of the trip. The final sighting of the survey was of an Atlantic Grey seal hauled out.

2 hour. Start time: 14:00
Weather conditions: sea state 2, visibility >10km, Light Swell
Four Bottlenose Dolphin and Four Atlantic Grey Seal

(Sulaire) A pod of Bottlenose Dolphin were spotted foraging around the fish factory early on in the survey. The pod comprised of 3 adults and a juvenile.  A grey seal was also spotted in the water. A further two female seals were recorded hauled out at Bird’s rock.