06/06/2016: 6 Bottlenose Dolphins and 1 Atlantic Grey Seal

2hr survey. Start time 11:45
Weather conditions: sea state 1, visibility >10km, light swell
6 Bottlenose dolphins and 1 Atlantic grey seal

Bottlenose dolphins were seen from the start of the survey whilst the boat was on its way out from New Quay harbour. These animals were foraging and seen around 300m from the boat. The second sighting of the trip was some interesting birds including Razorbills and Guillemots that were travelling and resting on the water over by birds rock. The next sighting was of 2 Bottlenose Dolphins, these were foraging on the move near Ynys Lochtyn around 200m from the boat. An Atlantic grey seal was seen bottling in the water over by birds rock on the return of the survey back towards New Quay. As the boat was returning to New Quay harbour, two Bottlenose Dolphins were seen in New Quay bay foraging near the cardinal maker.