06/05/2016: 10 bottlenose dolphins, 4 harbour porpoise and 10 Atlantic grey seals

8hr survey. Start time 09:35
Weather conditions: sea state 0-3, visibility 1-10km light swell.
Ten Bottlenose Dolphins, Four harbour porpoise and 10 Atlantic Grey Seals

At the beginning of the survey six bottlenose dolphins were spotted foraging off New Quay headland. Two Harbour porpoise were seen travelling East near to Ynys-Lochtyn. Around 2 hours into the survey four more Bottlenose dolphins were close to the boat, bow riding, as the boat headed towards Cardigan Island. A total of 10 Atlantic Grey Seals were spotted along the coastline, some hauled out around Cardigan Island and Cemaes Head. Two more harbour porpoise were seen off Cemaes head, travelling North West. Over the course of the survey a variety of birds (including Manx Shearwaters, Gannets, Guillemots, Razorbills, Herring gulls, Barnacle Geese, and Scoters) were sighted, with some observed displaying lots of activity, including diving into the water.