05/11/2015: 13 Bottlenose Dolphins and 1 Atlantic Grey Seal.

2hr survey. Start time 09:00.
Weather conditions: Dull/overcast to rain, sea state 1, wind direction SE to E.
13 Bottlenose Dolphins and 1 Bottlenose Dolphin.

At around 09:30 3 dolphins came around the corner from the fish factory, and they were seen to be foraging at depth. The next sightings were at around 10:00. These consisted of a lone individual who came around the headland and travelled to the east. There was also a group of 6 more dolphins which stayed in the area leaping and tail slapping. There was also a female Grey Seal seen in this section as well. The large group then disappeared, but were shortly followed by another pair heading west. In the last 15 minutes of the survey a group of 3 dolphins were seen travelling towards the cardinal buoy.