05/04/2015 Daily the Common Dolphin and a Grey Seal

2hr survey. Start Time 09:00
Weather conditions: Sunny, sea state 1, wind direction no wind
One Common Dolphin

Daily was seen throughout the survey milling at the surface or doing longer dives, possibly hunting in the harbour to the East of the pier. No other marine mammals were sighted.

2hr survey. Start Time 11:00
Weather Conditions: Sunny, sea state 1, no wind in the beginning but changed to NW
One common dolphin

Daily was again spotted continuously milling around the buoys to the east of the pier.

2hr Survey. Start Time 13:00
Weather Conditions: Sunny, sea state 1, wind direction NW-NE
One common dolphin and one grey seal

Daily was seen through the whole survey doing short dives and regularly surfacing in the harbour. At the end of the survey a grey seal was briefly spotted over towards the cardinal buoy.

2hr Survey. Start Time 15:00
Weather Conditions: Sunny, sea state 1-2, wind direction W-SW
One common dolphin

The common dolphin was again mostly doing short dives, though there were some periods where he was doing longer dives. He was seen during the whole survey. No other sightings occurred.