04/08/12 Bottlenose dolphins

2hr survey Start time 09:00

Weather conditions: overcast/ rain; sea state 1; wind SE

Ten bottlenose dolphins.


Ten bottlenose dolphins including three calves seen throughout survey travelling with regular surfacing together and foraging at depth.

2hr survey Start time 11:00

Weather conditions: overcast/ rain/ sunny/ fair; sea state 2; wind SE S SSE

Nine bottlenose dolphins.


Nine bottlenose dolphins seen during survey travelling together, foraging at depth and chasing prey at the surface with fish seen.

2hr survey Start time 13:00

Weather conditions; sunny; sea state 1-2; wind SE

Eight bottlenose dolphins.


Eight bottlenose dolphins seen foraging at depth, fast mingling at the surface and travelling with regular intervals.


2hr survey Start time 15:00

Weather conditions; sunny/ overcast; sea state 2; wind S

Seven bottlenose dolphins.


Seven bottlenose dolphins including two calves seen foraging at depth, travelling with regular surfacing and bow riding boats.