04/06/12 Bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic grey seals

2hr survey; start time: 09:00
Weather conditions: Sunny Sea state: 2; Wind direction: E/NE
Four bottlenose dolphins, 0ne juvenile

Four bottlenose dolphins spent over an hour taking long dives and are thought to be foraging at depth, this behaviour then changed to slow circling and milling around at the surface for a further 45 minutes.

2hr survey; start time: 11:00
Weather conditions: Sunny; Sea state: 2-3; Wind direction: NNE/ N
Eight bottlenose dolphins(inc two juveniles) and one Atlantic grey seal.

Six bottlenose dolphins, including two juveniles were seen travelling regularly surfacing in a easterly direction towards another two bottlenose dolphins (one adult, one juvenile) who were foraging at depth south east of the cardinal buoy. An Atlantic grey seal was also spotted close to the New Quay harbour wall. Later the 2 bottlenose nose dolphins who were previously foraging at the cardinal buoy were seen slowly travelling north away from the survey area.

2hr survey; start time: 13:00
Weather conditions: Sunny; Sea state: 2; Wind direction:NNE/N

No sightings.

2hr survey; start time: 15:00
Weather conditions: Sunny to fair; Sea state: 2-1; Wind direction: N

No sightings.