03/08/2017: Bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic grey seals

2hr survey, start time 07:00
Weather conditions: fair/sun and showers, sea state 1-2, wind direction S

At the start of this survey a lone bottlenose dolphin was seen very briefly and then there was a 15-minute gap in sightings. After this, dolphins were spotted milling and travelling in the bay. A female and male Atlantic grey seal were also spotted bottling close to the harbour wall.

2hr survey, start time 09:00
Weather conditions: sun and showers/overcast, sea state 2, wind direction SW

Dolphins were seen during every 15-minute period of this survey. During the first hour, dolphins were displaying long dives, thought to have been foraging at depth. Towards the end of the survey, dolphins were seen very close to the harbour wall and Dolau beach.

2hr survey, start time 11:00
Weather conditions: overcast, sea state 4, wind direction SW

For the first 30 minutes of this survey dolphins were seen foraging at the end of the harbour wall before moving off towards the cardinal marker. For the rest of the survey just one dolphin was seen foraging and displaying long dives.

2hr survey, start time 13:00
Weather conditions: overcast, sea state 4, wind direction S/SW

The lone individual from the previous survey was joined by another group of dolphins which continued to forage at depth for the entire survey, gradually travelling further out to sea.

2hr survey, start time 15:00
Weather conditions: overcast/sun and showers, sea state 3, wind direction SW

At the start of this survey dolphins moved closer to the harbour wall and were seen foraging in the harbour. The activity increased and as well as foraging, dolphins were displaying energetic behaviours such as leaping. During the second half of the survey the group split up and were seen in various parts of the bay.

2hr survey, start time 17:00
Weather conditions: fair/sunny, sea state 3, wind direction S/SW

The same loose group of dolphins from the previous survey continued with their energetic activity at the start of this survey, displaying foraging and socialising behaviours including leaping, lunging and tail-slapping. There was also some suspected mating. The dolphins were spread out across the bay, some close to the harbour wall and others further out near the cardinal marker.