03/08/12: Bottlenose Dolphins and Atlantic grey seals

2hr survey; Start time 11:59
Weather conditions; sea state 2-4; visibility 1-10km >10km, light to medium swell
One atlantic grey seal and seven bottlenose dolphins.

One atlantic grey seal seen in water offshore of Cwn Tydu, five bottlenose dolphins seen foraging by target rock and two bottlenose dolphins seen leaping by the harbour wall.

2hr survey; Start time 14.06
Weather conditions; sea state 3-4; visibility >10km, light to medium swell
Sixteen bottlenose dolphins.

Eight dolphins were seen ‘surfing’ the swell off of target rock, other behaviours included tail slapping, leaping, foraging and travelling in the area. On the return leg of the trip eight dolphins were seen doing the same thing in the same area off target rock.

2hr survey; Start time 15:54
Weather conditions; sea state 2-3; visibility >10km, light swell
Eight bottlenose dolphins.

Again, eight bottlenose dolphins were seen enjoying the swell off target rock travelling, foraging and approaching the boat. An Atlantic grey seal was seen at the bird colonies and an adult and calf bottlenose dolphin were seen far out as the boat came round New Quay headland.