03/07/12: Bottlenose dolphins

2hr survey: 09:00
Weather conditions; overcast / dull ; Sea state: 1: Wind direction: S
Three bottlenose dolphins

Throughout the survey three bottlenose dolphins were observed at regular intervals. The individuals were seen to be displaying behavioural patterns such as foraging, travelling slowly and leaping and fast circling. At an hour into the survey, one bottlenose dolphin was subject to a ‘boat encounter’, during which there was no change in the behaviour.

2hr survey: 11:00
Weather conditions; Overcast/dull/ rain; Sea state: 1: Wind direction: S/SW
Seven bottlenose dolphins

Seven bottlenose dolphins were observed throughout the survey. They were fist sighted between the fish factory and the cardinal buoy at the beginning of the survey and appeared to be foraging. The behaviour in this area was maintained throughout the survey. 75 minutes into the survey one bottlenose dolphin was spotted foraging off the pier.

2hr survey: 13:00
Weather conditions; rain / overcast / dull; Sea state: 1: Wind direction: S/SE.
Six bottlenose dolphins

During the first hour of the survey four bottlenose dolphins were observed to be foraging and travelling in the area behind the fish factory and the cardinal buoy. Over the next 45 minutes of the survey they were joined by another individual and seen to be foraging just off the fish factory. Nothing was observed within the last 15 minutes of the survey.

2hr survey: 15:00
Weather conditions; sunny / overcast / dull / rain; Sea state: 1: Wind direction: S

No sightings