02/10/2016: 44 Atlantic grey seals, 2 harbour porpoises, 19 bottlenose dolphins

9hr survey. Start time 09:54

Weather conditions: sea state 2-1, visibility >10km, light/medium swell, 0 cloud cover with glare.

At the beginning of the survey there were 2 bottlenose dolphins seen foraging at the cardinal marker. 3 hours and 40 minutes later, 2 harbour porpoises were spotted on left side of the boat 200 meters out, traveling in a North-West direction. 1 hour and 20 minutes after that, the boat passed a beach where 33 Atlantic grey seals were spotted off the boat. 23 were resting on land, and 10 were swimming / bottling just off the shore. 11 Atlantic grey seals were seen bottling throughout the rest of the boat trip. At 16:03 11 bottlenose dolphins were seen from the boat 20 meters out near Cardigan on the right side, including 8 adults, 2 juveniles and 1 calf. They were displaying leaps and lunges before proceeding to travel in a Westerly direction. Traveling back to New Quay we spotted an adult and a calf bottlenose dolphin. About an hour later, 6 more bottlenose dolphins were spotted.