02/08/14: Bottlenose Dolphins

2hr survey. start time 09:00
Weather conditions: Overcast/Fair, Sea state 1-2, Wind SW - WNW.
Four bottlenose dolphins and one Atlantic Grey Seal

Bottlenose dolphins were seen throughout the survey travelling around the Cardinal buoy and towards the fish factory. The Atlantic Grey Seal was seen close to the harbour wall.

2hr survey. start time 11:00
Weather conditions: Sunny/Rain, Sea state 3, Wind WSW
Three bottlenose dolphins.

The Bottlenose dolphins during this survey were seen travelling and also foraging the majority of the survey near the Cardinal Buoy and travelling towards the harbour wall. A mother and calf were spotted foraging around the harbour wall for the majority of the survey, and then travelling in the direction of the Cardinal Buoy.

2hr survey. start time 13:00

No survey.

2hr survey. start time 15:00
Weather conditions: Rain/Fair/Overcast-Dull, Sea state 2, Wind W- SSW
Seven Bottlenose dolphins.

During the survey the Bottlenose Dolphins showed for three quarters of this duration, showing a range of different behaviors and more joining the current groups further into the survey. Many of the dolphins were seen mingling around the harbour wall and showing a range of behaviors like leaping and tail slapping during the time they were here.