02/07/13: Bottlenose Dolphins

2hr survey, Start time: 09:00
Weather conditions: Fair-Sunny; sea state 1-2, wind SW-SE.
Four Bottlenose Dolphin

Three dolphin were recorded foraging near the fish factory. Of these individuals one was a calf, whilst another individual was simultaneously travelling in a westerly direction towards the other members of the pod. The pod then split up slightly with two individuals foraging near the fish factory, whilst the mother and calf headed towards the cardinal buoy. They continued foraging in these locations before travelling east, the final recording saw two individuals socialising near the cardinal buoy.

2hr survey, Start time: 11:00
Weather conditions: Fair; sea state 1-3; wind S-SE.
Three Bottlenose Dolphin.

A single dolphin was recorded foraging parallel with the harbour wall, it was subsequently joined by another individual. These two then began socialising, before travelling east. They were then joined by another individual. For the rest of the survey two individuals were seen feeding, whilst the third individual was recorded leaping.

2hr survey, Start time:13:00
Weather conditions: Overcast-Rainy; sea state 2; wind S-SE.
Two Bottlenose Dolphin.

For the majority of the survey there were two individuals recorded to be feeding near the fish factory, they were seen to be travelling towards the cardinal buoy but continued to feed within this area.

2hr survey, Start time:15:00
Weather conditions: Overcast; sea state 1-3; wind SE-SW.
Two Bottlenose Dolphin.

The two individuals recorded in the previous survey continued to feed east of the fish factory. One individual was later seen throwing a fish and then there was intense Gannet activity above.