02/05/15: 15 Bottlenose dolphins and 4 Atlantic grey seals

2hr survey. Start time: 09:00
Weather conditions: Overcast/mist/rain, sea state 2, wind direction SW
Eight bottlenose dolphins and one Atlantic grey seal

Within the first half an hour of the first survey there was 8 dolphins spotted entering the harbour from around the fish factory on the headland. The main group milled around for a while before smaller groups split off, with some coming right up to the harbour wall and one moving off towards the cardinal buoy. Multiple behaviours were displayed including leaping and chasing prey at the surface with a fish being seen thrown out of the water. Not only were there dolphins in this survey period but there was also every kind of weather, from mist to sun, the bay seemed to have it all this morning. There was also a grey seal spotted in the survey near the harbour wall.

2hr survey. Start time: 11:00
Weather conditions: Fair, sea state 3, wind direction S
Five Bottlenose dolphins

From the beginning of the survey there were dolphins, the same group as the previous survey. There were a number of groups scattered throughout the survey area with multiple activities such as tail slapping and milling around the surface. There was also a juvenile spotted in the survey area with one of the groups near the cardinal buoy; however all the groups quickly moved out of the area halfway through the survey period.

2hr survey. Start time: 13:00
Weather conditions: Fair/sunny, sea state 3, wind direction SW
One Atlantic grey seal

There was only one sighting in this survey period with a female grey seal popping her head up occasionally near the harbour wall towards the end of the survey.

2hr survey. Start time: 15:00
Weather conditions: Fair, sea state 4, wind direction SW
Two bottlenose dolphins and one Atlantic grey seal

The same grey seal from the last survey was spotted again at the beginning of this survey. It was also sighted throughout the survey period. It was also joined by two bottlenose dolphins halfway through the survey period. Both dolphins came right up the harbour wall and milled around it for a while indicating possible foraging.