01/09/2016: 5 Bottlenose dolphins and 3 Atlantic grey seals

1.5hr survey. Start time 11:42
Weather conditions: sea state 2-3, visibility >10km, light swell
Two Atlantic grey seals

Two Atlantic grey seals were sighted during the survey, one was sighted near seals bay. It was a male seal and was seen in the water. Then another male was seen bottling in the water near Ynys Lochtyn.

1.5 hr survey. Start time 13:30
Weather conditions: sea state 1/2/3, visibility >10km, light swell
5 Bottlenose dolphins and 1 Atlantic grey seal

Dolphins were sighted at the start of the survey in New Quay bay. There were 3 adults and they were seen travelling south easterly through the bay. One Atlantic grey seal was seen travelling westerly in the water by birds rock. Two bottlenose dolphins were then seen foraging and milling by the fish factory back in New Quay bay nearing the end of the survey.