02/09/2014: Bottlenose Dolphins and Atlantic Grey Seals

8hr survey. Start time 10:00
Weather conditions: sea state ranging 2-3, visibility >10km, light swell.
23 Bottlenose Dolphins, two unidentified dolphins and two Atlantic grey seals

At the start of the survey a mother and calf were seen by birds rock travelling north east. Later on an Atlantic grey seal was seen in the water by Cwmtydu. A group of nine bottlenose dolphins (including one calf) were then encountered offshore from Ynys Lochtyn. These animals displayed a range of behaviours including leaping, close contact, foraging and travelling. Gannets were associated with the dolphins. Shortly after another group of four bottlenose dolphins (including one calf) were seen leaping and socialising off shore. Gannets were seen flying overhead. Offshore from Aberporth two dolphins were briefly seen, but their species could not be identified. On the return journey a group of six bottlenose dolphins (including one juvenile) were seen travelling offshore at Ynys Lochtyn. Another group was seen in the same area, consisting of four bottlenose dolphins, which were leaping, travelling and bow riding. A further two bottlenose dolphins were seen at Ynys Lochtyn. Finally, an Atlantic Grey Seal pup was seen hauled out near Birds Rock.