01/07/15 27 Bottlenose Dolphins and One Grey Seal

2hr survey. Start time 07:00
Weather conditions: Sunny or overcast, sea state 1, wind direction S-SE
Nine bottlenose dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins were seen throughout this survey with three groups coming into the harbour from the fish factory. One group of two headed out to the cardinal buoy, another came close into the harbour wall and a fourth individual stayed further away to the north of the wall. These same groups stayed in the harbour for over an hour before the two individuals headed back out past the factory. Shortly after, another two groups came into the harbour; three animals were travelling and irregularly diving, possibly searching for food and another two were foraging in a similar area north of the wall.

2hr survey. Start time 09:00
Weather conditions: fair, sea state 2, wind direction SE
Eight bottlenose dolphins

Four of the dolphins from the previous survey remained into this one milling around the cardinal buoy, one of which was identified as a juvenile. A new individual also moved in quite close to the pier. This individual then headed around the end of the pier where it seemed to be diving, possibly foraging for food. After this another dolphin joined one of the groups at the cardinal buoy and all three started displaying splashy surface behaviour with leaping and quickly circling causing white spray. The other group of two was joined by another individual and they continued to mill at the water’s surface. The groups in the harbour then kept splitting and reforming as individuals seemed to switch between groups until the end of the survey.

2hr survey. Start time 11:00
Weather conditions: fair changing to overcast, sea state 2, wind direction SE
Six bottlenose dolphins and one grey seal.

At the beginning of this survey there were still two bottlenose dolphins at the cardinal buoy milling at the surface. About 15 minutes into the survey another group of three including one juvenile were spotted in a similar area deep diving and irregularly surfacing. A grey seal was also seen in the water quite close to the harbour wall during this period though it was only seen for a short while before diving and disappearing. After this another bottlenose dolphin was seen behind the cardinal marker moving about very energetically at the surface.
About an hour into the surface the groups of dolphins started to move out of the harbour one by one, and by the end of the survey no dolphins were still in the harbour.

2hr survey. Start time 13:00
Weather conditions: overcast or fair, sea state 2 decreasing to 1, wind direction varied from S to NW
Three bottlenose dolphins

At the beginning of this survey a group of two bottlenose dolphins were seen north east of the harbour wall almost a kilometre out, irregularly surfacing and possibly foraging on the reef. About 45 minutes in, another dolphin was spotted behind the cardinal buoy displaying similar behaviour. All the animals remained, doing the same surface behaviour for around an hour, before joining together and diving but with occasional leaps too.

2hr survey. Start time 15:00
Weather conditions: overcast or rainy, sea state 1, wind direction W-SW

No sightings

2hr survey. Start time 17:00
Weather conditions: rainy improving to fair, sea state 1-2, wind direction SW

No sightings.