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ragwort close up L Maiden

A vision in yellow

The cold wet summer of 2012 has been a terrible for much of our native wildlife- but one plant that seems to have done really

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Quadrat cell over mature honeycomb worm reef

The health and community structure of the biogenic reef at Cei Bach, Cardigan Bay

For six weeks during May-July, Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre (CBMWC) volunteer Justin Grainger – an undergraduate student from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge – undertook

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Elephant Hawkmoth (Deilephila elpenor) by V Matthews

Parc Slip Moth Surveys

The week beginning the 25th June this year was National Insect Week but if any of you ventured out you may have noticed that there

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Common Bird Census of Lavernock Point – Thomas Simcock

Breeding bird surveys have been carried out at Lavernock Point for the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales annually since 2002 to determine the

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Beautiful Demoiselle MJClark

Dragons and Damsels fact not fiction!

Often known as Devil’s darning needles because of the superstition that they used to sew shut the mouths of lying children, nagging wives and swearing

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Cotoneaster on Port Eynon by Rebecca Killa

Cotoneaster – A Wildlife Goodie or Baddie?

We’ve spent several days this month down at Port Eynon Point where we have been managing the spread of cotoneaster. Cotoneaster is the genus of

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Bluebell by Don Sutherland

Bluebells in Peril

The magic of a bluebell wood stays with you forever and once you re-enter any woodland carpeted in the mesmeric blue of this wonderful flower

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Red squirrel by Margaret Holland

Taking action to save our red squirrels

A new project in the Cothi and Gwenffrwd valleys in north-east Carmarthenshire has seen conservationists, foresters and volunteers coming together to take action this spring

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Pied Flycatcher by Stefan Johansson

Signs of Spring

Over the last week or so I have noticed that the fieldfares and redwings are gathering in large groups, getting increasingly fractious and noisy. These

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Brown Hare (cpt) Damian Waters of Drumimages

A Hare Miscelleny by Ruth Watkins

I loved to see hares when I lived in Norfolk but it is a disappointment that they are not on my farm here in Llanddeusant-

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