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cats and birds

The Cat Conundrum

Many of us at the Wildlife Trust of South and West are fond of our pets and there are quite a few of us with …

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Female and male glow worm Mike Bright

Green Glows by Rudi Bright

The twinkling goblin green light of our native Glow worm deserves a place on your list of things to see in 2014. Last summer I …

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Fig 4 Hypnorum on Echium by NA Lewis

Bumblebees, the Boraginaceae, and You

Well bumblebees you should know about. We have 20 species resident in Wales out of the 25 species still just about found in UK including …

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Kestrel or windhover by Ian Hopkins

Wild words: reflections on nature poetry

One of our volunteers at Teifi Marshes Welsh Wildlife Centre is Diane Davies. She has written this piece on Gerard Manley Hopkins’ poem “The Windhover”. Diane was …

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The Pied Flycatcher stake-out.

It can be very taxing bird watching, you get up early and you practice your birdwatchers catechisms (“What’s that! Oh it’s a Great Tit”, “What’s …

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Monty when he was alive by Steve Hartley

Greedy Dolphin ‘Died Of Gluttony’

A Cardigan Bay bottlenose dolphin found dead on a beach on the Lleyn Peninsular ‘died of asphyxiation’. And the animal, known as Monty, was one …

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Pied flycatcher by Margaret Holland

Trying to help Pied Flycatchers at Coed y Bedw, near Cardiff

Pied Flycatchers are a distinctive and attractive migratory bird which is very characteristic of open Welsh woodlands. They winter in sub-Saharan West Africa before making …

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Common lizard (Female) – easy way to remember its “spotty man” (as in Super Ted) and stripy means a girl.

A Taf Fechan Treasure Map

This is my treasure map (not to scale). Granted it doesn’t lead to pieces of eight or buried treasure but a treasure map (not to …

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Frog spawn season; what do you need to know?

The onset of the warmer weather in February brought the start of the amphibian breeding season and the welcome appearance of frog and toad spawn …

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Teifi Marshes - bluebells

Winter work in the woodlands of Teifi

As well as the wetland and reed beds, we have quite a range of woodland habitats to look after at Teifi Marshes Reserve. Teifi Gorge …

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Could you be a Welsh Wildlife Hero?

“Welsh Wildlife Heroes” is a major new project, between The Co-operative Group in Wales and Wildlife Trusts in Wales, established to deliver a programme of …

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The Wildlife Trusts’ Guide to a Garden Winter Wonderland

Great spotted woodpecker Amy Lewis In a world that is rapidly losing its green spaces, our gardens are mini wildlife havens that are becoming increasingly …

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