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Frog spawn season; what do you need to know?

The onset of the warmer weather in February brought the start of the amphibian breeding season and the welcome appearance of frog and toad spawn

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Teifi Marshes - bluebells

Winter work in the woodlands of Teifi

As well as the wetland and reed beds, we have quite a range of woodland habitats to look after at Teifi Marshes Reserve. Teifi Gorge

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Could you be a Welsh Wildlife Hero?

“Welsh Wildlife Heroes” is a major new project, between The Co-operative Group in Wales and Wildlife Trusts in Wales, established to deliver a programme of

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The Wildlife Trusts’ Guide to a Garden Winter Wonderland

Great spotted woodpecker Amy Lewis In a world that is rapidly losing its green spaces, our gardens are mini wildlife havens that are becoming increasingly

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Dormouse by Jacqueline Hartley

Will dormice travel along ropes in the canopy?

As one of only 29 species of dormice in the world, and as the UK’s only native species of dormouse, the Hazel dormouse (Muscardinus avellanarius)

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Female and male glow worm Mike Bright

Bright Future for Glow Worms at Parc Slip

Mike, Rudi and Finn Bright and Rose Revera Female glow worm Parc Slip 16/7/13 The glow worm, Lampyris noctiluca, is not in fact a worm,

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Blackberries Glanamman

The secret life of the bramble

Bramble is probably one of the most familiar plants in the Welsh countryside, and one that almost anyone could name, whether they are a wildlife

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Dipper ringing by Carys Solman

Bird Ringing at Taf Fechan

Bird ringing is an important part of conservation research, informing scientists of changes in bird populations, how healthy the local populations are and what could

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Common Darter L Maiden

Dragons and Damsels

It is at this time of year that we really appreciate the diversity of our ponds. As you sit by one on a summers day

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Cetti's Warbler by Mark S Jobling

An increased population of Cetti’s Warblers at Teifi Marshes?

This year Teifi Marshes appears to have witnessed a welcome increase in its population of Cetti’s warblers. A small dark brown warbler with short wings

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Help afoot at Teifi Marshes for threatened Barns Owls.

With its distinctive “moon” face glowing white, a pale underside and light brown wings the Barn Owl is an unforgettable sight for anyone lucky enough

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Hawthorn by Lizzie Wilberforce

Summer’s Companion: The Hawthorn

One of our favourite signs of summer’s arrival in Wales has to be the abundant drifts of creamy-white Hawthorn flowers in our hedgerows. This flowering

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