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Early flowering Hazel springtime yellow in November

What are your average winter colours?

In a season not famed for the range of its colour palette things tend to stand out especially if they offer something for the eye

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Jewel anemones by Sally Sharrock

Wales takes the plunge into protecting seas

Today (Friday 12 December) the Welsh Government designated its first Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ).  This announcement means that the seas around Skomer Island off the

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Kestrel box going into place

The North Ceredigion Kestrel Project

As you are probably aware, the Megan Jones Legacy enabled a project led by Mike Hayward to get under way providing nest boxes for kestrels.

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Reed warbler

Songbird survival in the face of starvation

Many of the migratory songbirds that visit our shores in the summer to nest and raise their young spend the winter in the heart of

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Red Squirrel by Graham Eaton

Red Squirrels – in Rhandirmwyn One Day?

In an exciting new development, Welsh Government funding has been awarded to us helping support community action across the red squirrel focal area. The funding from

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Seal Pupping Season on Skomer Island

The relative quiet of August on Skomer Island allows us to catch our breath after the sea bird season. But our seal cows are busy

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The well named Golden Waxcap

Wonderful Waxcaps (and funny looks)

As a gateway into identifying Fungi you can’t get much better than Waxcaps.   Not only are they easy to spot, being brightly coloured and found

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Snippets from Bridgend

Bridgend Local Group are a very active bunch and you can get a flavour of their antics and their humour in this edition of their

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Oak Bracket fungi characterised by the weeping of amber liquid

Fascinatingly frustrating fungi

Permit me to start with a rather cheap gag.   The first rule of fungi is that many of them cannot be identified in the field.  

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A nectaring Comma by Graham Watkeys

Buzzing Ivy

We’ve all done it, some of us wish we didn’t, but we all do. That buzzing noise somewhere behind your left ear causes that involuntary

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A morning in the life of a volunteer warden

20mins watching a large four spotted orb weaver make a web, half an hour stalking hoverflies, 10 mins being harassed by a southern hawker repeatedly

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The Fly Agaric – the most recognisable Toadstool of them all.

The Taf Fechan fabulous fungi furtle

Now is a great time for fungi and visit from the Glamorgan Fungus Group to Taf Fechan Nature Reserve showed us just how many different

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