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Delicate burn at Y Gweira by G Watkeys

Fighting fire with fire

This week we teamed up with the South Wales Fire Service to carry out a controlled burn at Y Gweira Nature Reserve.  The reserve is part of

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Sedge Warbler Teifi Marsh

A year of monitoring birds at Teifi Marshes

As the days get longer and migrant birds start to head back from warmer places, the Teifi Ringing Group have been looking back over the

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Brimstone by Jim Higham

The Butterfly

I encountered a Butterfly yesterday. In fact I encountered The Butterfly. Well I say encountered but what I mean is involuntarily ducked out of the

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Mycelea under upturned log by TheAlphaWolf

The Wood Wide Web

If you have ever walked into a deep dark wood and had the feeling that everything is connected, that the trees are communicating with each

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Common dolphins by Eleanor Stone

An unexpected visitor

Since early January the marine team at the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre (CBMWC) have been monitoring an unusual occurrence in New Quay Bay. The

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The normalcy of emptiness

The capacity of the human race to generate a sense of sublime normalcy is unlimited and rather frightening. As another 30+ British insects are added

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A Flat-backed millipede (Polydesmus sp.)

Go look under stuff!

Flat-backed Millipede.  Flat-backed Millipede.   It’s just a nice thing to say isn’t it? Flat-backed Millipede. I wasn’t expecting to find said invertebrate but having decided

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Pussy willow Margam March 09 Lizzie Wilberforce

The arrival of spring

At time of writing, it is dark outside, and the day has so far brought us snow, sleet, hail, rain, and thunder. Undeniably, it still

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Lichen and moss - Allelopathy


The New Year brings not only a new word that I didn’t know before but also an interesting phenomenon (Ha spelt right first time!). Lichen

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Morlais Castle as seen from Taf Fechan

A Morning In The Life Of

A morning in the life of a volunteer warden (winter edition): 10 mins mentally debating whether to bring gloves, 15 mins watching Goldfinch feeding on

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Puffin with sand eels in May weed

Puffins Hit Hard by Last Winter’s Storms

As the first storms of the winter turn the Atlantic into a gargantuan washing machine, research is revealing the harsh consequences of last winter’s storms

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A common lizard basking in the sun

Taf Fechan Reptile survey 2014

This is not a scientific analysis but here are some observations about this year’s Taf Fechan reptile surveys. There were 23 surveys completed this year

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