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Torrent on the Teifi by L Maiden

Wild Weather Causes Difficulty for Water Dwelling Wildlife

After a glorious summer and mild autumn, 2014 made it’s entry with high winds, storm surges and widespread flooding across Wales.  This wet weather has

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Will we once again see beavers swimming in the Teifi?

The Wildlife Trusts in Wales are leading a project – called the Welsh Beaver Project – which is investigating the potential for reintroducing European beavers

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Water Vole by Margaret Holland

Help Us Find Ratty

Mole’s friend Ratty, the misnamed water vole, has faced some serious threats over the last few decades. Water voles are a protected species but sadly

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The Wildlife Trusts’ Guide to a Garden Winter Wonderland

Great spotted woodpecker Amy Lewis In a world that is rapidly losing its green spaces, our gardens are mini wildlife havens that are becoming increasingly

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Biomass boiler by WWC N Walton

The Welsh Wildlife Centre benefits from green energy

The replacement of the degrading boiler system at the Welsh Wildlife Centre with a new biomass boiler has finally been completed. The Austrian ‘Guntamatic Powerchip

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Common Female Toad by A Price

Watch out for frogs and toads in your bonfire pile.

It’s that time of year again when we build bonfires, nibble on a toffee apple and make pretty patterns in the air with a sparkler. 

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Bottlenose dolphin by Doug Perrine

Seaside Fun

What we see when we look out at those beautiful blue waters on a summers day is only a tiny fraction of the picture. Welsh

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Greater Butterfly Orchid by Philip Precey

Blooming Butterflies

Greater butterfly orchids are a wonderful and unusual flower which are an increasingly rare sight in our countryside. They usually can be found in hay

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First Minister, Dr Rhys and Rudi Tarka Challenge Pond dip

New Parc Slip Wildlife Trust Visitor Centre off to a Flying Start

First Minister, Dr Rhys and Rudi Tarka Challenge Pond dip On May Bank Holiday Weekend, the new Wildlife Trust Visitor Centre at Parc Slip was

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Dr Rhys Jones and Rudi Bright (Tarka Challenge) sniffing snake poo, photo by Mike Bright

New Wildlife Visitor Centre Set to Stimulate Tourism Opportunities

Parc Slip Nature Reserve, once a colliery site, is now host to an entirely different opportunity for visitors and local people providing a tourism attraction

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Making charcoal on the Gower by R Killa

BBQ Summer Good for Native Wildlife

Making charcoal is an ancient art which far precedes the traditional Welsh BBQ, in fact humans in Britain have been using charcoal for at least

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Wildlife Trust and Coop partnership

Sowing The Seeds Of A New Wildlife Partnership

Representatives from The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales are today (Thursday 2 May) celebrating a significant financial investment in the future of Welsh

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