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Dipper ringing by Carys Solman

Bird Ringing at Taf Fechan

Bird ringing is an important part of conservation research, informing scientists of changes in bird populations, how healthy the local populations are and what could …

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Brushcutting Coed Maidie Meadow Em Foot

Managing a Woodland

This podcast features our Wildlife Trust Officers out on Coed Maidie B Goddard Nature Reserve, a woodland reserve on the border between Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion.  …

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Taf Fechan Lime Outcrop - by Carys Solman

A Virtual Tour of Taf Fechan Nature Reserve

Taf Fechan Nature Reserve is just a couple of miles from Merthyr Tydfil and is a gateway into the Brecon Beacons. This stunning reserve is …

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Wildflower Meadow by Kieron Huston

Help Conserve Our Remaining Wildflower Meadows

Due to our insatiable demand for cheap food leading to the spread of intensive agriculture across our countryside, some 98% of our wildflower meadows have …

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Harvest Mouse by Amy Lewis

New ways to Monitor Our Harvest Mice

The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales’ have embarked on a new and innovative project designed to learn more about the elusive harvest mouse …

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