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Oak Tree Cottage - The Cwtch

Welcome to Oak Tree Cottage!

We cordially invite you to be our guest… Off the beaten track, nestled in the heart of the beautiful Welsh Wildlife Centre & Teifi Marshes

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Fabulous opportunities on Skomer Island

We have some very exciting events happening on Skomer Island with the chance to the see the island in a whole new way. Manx Shearwater

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Guillemot by Dave Boyle

Conference highlights international importance of Pembrokeshire’s seabirds

Just a few short weeks after the massive wrecks of dead seabirds across the western coast of Europe, a conference in Cardiff has highlighted the

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John sweeping for invertebrates in Skokholm ragwort

Island Invertebrates course on Skokholm

We are delighted to announce that Skokholm Island will be running a fully catered week, between Monday 5th May and Monday 12th May 2014, during which we will be

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Teifi marsh and scrub

Poisoning Pigeons in the Park….

Those of a certain age may recall the American mathematician and humourist Tom Lehrer’s 1959 song “Poisoning Pigeons in the Park”… “All the world seems

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Oak Cottage renovation works

No distractions, just natural attractions

Escape to a world full of nature and wildlife. A stay at Oak Cottage will offer you the once in a lifetime experience to share

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Teifi Marshes - bluebells

Winter work in the woodlands of Teifi

As well as the wetland and reed beds, we have quite a range of woodland habitats to look after at Teifi Marshes Reserve. Teifi Gorge

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Beatrix Potter and her dog Kep in 1915

Beatrix Potter’s Visit to the Islands

Visitors to Skomer and Skokholm may be interested to learn that they are following in the footsteps of famous naturalist and author, Beatrix Potter. Beatrix

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David and his retort

Wildlife Trust supports local charcoal maker

Although there are now a multitude of different fuel sources available, the traditional skill of charcoal making is still truly alive in many woodlands across

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Himalayan Balsam flower, invasive non-native species

Teifi Balsam Bash

Himalayan balsam is a very aggressive annual plant which has bullied out many of our native plants along waterways within Wales. The nature of the

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Wildflower Meadow by Kieron Huston

Help Conserve Our Remaining Wildflower Meadows

Due to our insatiable demand for cheap food leading to the spread of intensive agriculture across our countryside, some 98% of our wildflower meadows have

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Mike and Roseanne Alexander leaving Skomer March 1986


2013 marks the 75th anniversary of the work of WTSWW in the west of its patch. We also welcomed new wardens on Skomer this spring,

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