Category: Living Landscapes

Limpets at Frenchman’s Steps, Pembrokeshire

Limpets by Lara Howe John Archer-Thomson was studying limpets in Pembrokeshire before the Sea Empress grounded in 1996. Here he tells the story of his

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Cardigan Island

Our conservation story

The conservation pioneers By the 1960s, in response to the widespread devastation of our natural habitats, Wildlife Trusts had been formed across the length and breadth of

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Species-rich grassland at Cross Hands, Carmarthenshire

Recent declines

A single orchid struggles after the loss of its species rich grassland habitat at Cross Hands Whilst we have seen some great success stories in

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Honey bees support many species, including us (photo by Margaret Holland)

Securing our own future

Nature isn’t a luxury: our environment underpins the economy. Honey bees support many species, including us (photo by Margaret Holland) All species and their habitats

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Dormouse: still in decline

Our current failures

We need a new vision because our current system isn’t working for wildlife. Dormouse: still in decline Within WTSWW and in all other Wildlife Trusts

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Llyn Eiddwen nature reserve, Ceredigion

Our seven stage approach

We believe that there are seven key steps towards protecting our wildlife for the future, and The Wildlife Trusts across the UK are working towards

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