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Black bryony berries by Graham Watkeys

Taf Fechan – a Tropical Paradise?

I always knew Taf Fechan was a tropical paradise in disguise. Not only do we have Coral reefs and blue lagoons we now have Yams! …

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Apprentices at Dow Corning

Young Apprentices Help Wildlife in Barry

Young apprentices in Barry are busy protecting wildlife as part of a campaign supported by The Co-operative. Apprentices at Dow Corning Welsh Wildlife Heroes is …

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The Unknown Mr G - is not our Graham

Mystery “G”

As a volunteer warden who wanders around his reserve on a regular basis generally rootling, nosing and furtling about you would think you would know …

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A morning in the life of a volunteer warden

20mins watching a large four spotted orb weaver make a web, half an hour stalking hoverflies, 10 mins being harassed by a southern hawker repeatedly …

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The Fly Agaric – the most recognisable Toadstool of them all.

The Taf Fechan fabulous fungi furtle

Now is a great time for fungi and visit from the Glamorgan Fungus Group to Taf Fechan Nature Reserve showed us just how many different …

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Shrill carder bee by Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Rare Bumblebees found at Dow Corning’s Cadoxton Ponds Nature Reserve

For the past few years the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales (WTSWW) has been managing Dow Corning’s Cadoxton Ponds Nature Reserve for in …

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Nemophora cupriacella a new record for Breconshire by Graham Watkeys

The Rare Beasts of Taf Fechan

Animals (and plants for that matter) don’t know (or particularly care) where they are “supposed” to be. They don’t read species lists or look at …

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Clay Triple Lines at Coed-y-Bedw by George Tordoff

Successful Moth Trap Event at Coed y Bedw

A public moth trapping event was held at WTSWW’s Coed y Bedw nature reserve on July 19th. Moth Trapping by Vaughn Matthews Located only 3km …

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Magor Marsh, Gwent Levels (Gwent Wildlife Trust)

M4 Relief Road- make your voice heard

On 16th July 2014, the Minister for Economy, Science and Transport, Edwina Hart, announced that the Welsh Government has adopted a plan for a new …

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Snippets from Bridgend

Exactly ten years after the last edition of our long running newsletter Snippets is back making a welcome return with a new format, change of  editor and …

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The Good, The Bad and The Slimy

Something sinister is lurking in the undergrowth at our Coed Y Bwl reserve in the Vale of Glamorgan. Oozing along the woodland floor are a …

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Taphrina betulina sample by Mike Bright

Alder Tongue

Rudi and I recently went for a wander around Parc Slip hoping to find signs of a little known fungi, Taphrina which is a genus …

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