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After at Pwll Waun Cynon

Humphry Bogart Vs Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed removal is often a long drawn out fight but one that is ultimately winnable. So a short history of Fallopia japonica: introduced to

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Sunny scrub clearance

The Taf Fechan method

Is meteorological consistency too much to ask for? I think vindictive atmospheric flip flopping between cold blustery, rain and baking hot sun every 5 minutes

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deer truffle (Elaphomyces granulatus)

Oak mooching

There I was mooching under an Oak (as you do) when out of the corner of my eye I noticed what I thought was another

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One of the willing hay gatherers by Graham Watkeys

Pwll Waun Cynon C.1820

You don’t need a flux capacitor to time travel you just need a hay rake and a large field like this one at Pwll Waun

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Delicate burn at Y Gweira by G Watkeys

Fighting fire with fire

This week we teamed up with the South Wales Fire Service to carry out a controlled burn at Y Gweira Nature Reserve.  The reserve is part of

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Making an otter holt at Coed y Bedw - V Matthews

Providing a home for otters at Coed y Bedw Nature Reserve

Otters are one of the UK’s largest carnivores and are an unusual example of an animal whose fortunes have dramatically improved over the last few

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Sand martin by Richard Bowler

Help Sand Martins at Parc Slip

Sand martin by Richard Bowler Parc Slip Nature Reserve is the Wildlife Trusts flagship nature reserve in South Wales. Over the past two years the reserve

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Colin Mogg

Colin Mogg

The Trust was saddened to hear of the death of Colin Mogg who passed away on 20th December 2014. Colin was a Chairman of Glamorgan

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Morlais Castle as seen from Taf Fechan

A Morning In The Life Of

A morning in the life of a volunteer warden (winter edition): 10 mins mentally debating whether to bring gloves, 15 mins watching Goldfinch feeding on

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A common lizard basking in the sun

Taf Fechan Reptile survey 2014

This is not a scientific analysis but here are some observations about this year’s Taf Fechan reptile surveys. There were 23 surveys completed this year

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Sessile Oak Wood at Penderi Cliffs Reserve L Maiden

Bridgend Group’s Five-star Members’ Night

With festive spirit and a record audience of over 60, Bridgend Group presented a five-star programme of wildlife lectures at the Trust’s Parc Slip Centre

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Beth checking a nest box by Vaughn Matthews

New Faces

Hi everyone, my name’s Beth and I will be taking over from Laura as the Local Wildlife Sites Officer with the Wildlife Trust of South

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