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Calliphora vomitoria at Taf Fechan

Number 500 at Taf Fechan

Calliphora vomitoria at Taf Fechan The day was beginning to look rather Spartan but having reached 499 the previous day with a Cream-spotted Ladybird I

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Y Gweira One of the larger patches cleared - Chris Lawrence

Microcows at Y Gweira

Y Gweira bracken control – Graham Watkeys A loud chomping noise rises from inside a tussock of grass (Chomp, chomp, chomp. Pause. Rustle. Chomp, chomp,

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UK Fungus Day 2015

A day to celebrate fungi? Now you may think this is a crazy idea but hundreds of fungi fans across the UK are gearing up

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The fungal smut Microbotryum saponariae infecting the anthers Graham Watkeys

Smut at Pwll Waun Cynon

The fungal smut Microbotryum saponariae infecting the anthers Graham Watkeys Ok let’s talk smut shall we? It’s probably the only time I can genuinely write

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Small Pearl Bordered Fritillaries by Tom Marshall

Rhondda Hillsides

We are embarking on an exciting new project in the Rhondda catchment alongside partners that include Natural Resources Wales, The South Wales Fire Service and

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Anania perlucidalis by Vaughn Matthews

Rare Moth Found in Cadoxton Ponds

Rare moth species discovered at Dow Corning’s Cadoxton Ponds Nature Reserve For the past few years we have been managing the Cadoxton Ponds Nature Reserve,

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Taf Fechan Bee Orchid by Graham Watkeys

Chasing the Butterfly of Coincidence

Sometimes one thing leads to another and that other thing can be rather unexpected. I knew there were Small Heath butterflies on our reptile slope

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Tawny Owl Mike Bright

Bridgend Group Wildlife Wobble

If you are free on Saturday the 15th of August why not join the Bridgend Group on their ‘Wildlife Wobble’?Tawny Owl Mike Bright This is

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Parc Slip Pollinators

Prep work for the new herb garden (plus some other plants) was completed on Friday by Tims Work Party, and then the planting was done

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After at Pwll Waun Cynon

Humphry Bogart Vs Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed removal is often a long drawn out fight but one that is ultimately winnable. So a short history of Fallopia japonica: introduced to

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Sunny scrub clearance

The Taf Fechan method

Is meteorological consistency too much to ask for? I think vindictive atmospheric flip flopping between cold blustery, rain and baking hot sun every 5 minutes

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deer truffle (Elaphomyces granulatus)

Oak mooching

There I was mooching under an Oak (as you do) when out of the corner of my eye I noticed what I thought was another

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