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My Wild Garden in Bute Park

We are really excited to announce that this year we will be building a pop-up Wildlife Garden in Bute Park, Cardiff, to showcase the features

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Bee Friendly in your Garden

Bee on cow parsley, Sunnybank NR, Sheffield City Centre As part of the My Wild Cardiff project, funded with the generous support of the players

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Heath Park is a Neighbourhood for Newts

As part of the My Wild Cardiff project, we have been working with the neighbourhood around Heath Park to help the residents in the area

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Dormouse Hibernating - Danny Green

A Recap of 2016

We are thrilled with what we achieved in 2016 and thought we should share a few of the highlights with you, so here they are…

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We’ve Got a Nature Reserve For You

For the waterfall seekers For the birders and twitchers For the reptile ramblers For the tree huggers and flower sniffers For the photo snappers For

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Weevil engineering

Imagine you’re a small black Weevil in a big world.  How do you protect your precious eggs and larvae from all the things that would

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Coed Garnllwyd wood anemones

Woodland Management in the Vale of Glamorgan

Coed Garnllwyd wood anemones Habitat Piles and Spring Flowers Coed Garnllwyd in the Vale of Glamorgan is a 13ha nature reserve consisting of ancient broadleaved

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Bridgend Snippets front cover

Bridgend Snippets – Issue 4

Hot off the press from our local Bridgend group; the slightly irreverent, always funny and  informative Bridgend Snippets Issue 4. From fungi to daffodils and even a bit

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Early flowering Toothwort Taf Fechan by Graham Watkeys

Some spring observations

Early flowering Toothwort Taf Fechan by Graham Watkeys It’s an odd year (you can say that again – the editor). The winter has been warm

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Some of the nest boxes installed at Llyn Fach - Graham Watkeys

Nest boxes at Llyn Fach

Room with a view – Graham Watkeys The Biffa Award funded Llyn Fach home building scheme gets underway. We now offer a number of well-designed

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Grey cushioned Grimmia (Grimmia pulvinata) by Graham Watkeys

More Moss

Grey cushioned Grimmia (Grimmia pulvinata) by Graham Watkeys This is Grimmia pulvinata; now with the tendency for the existence of hidden and, to my mind

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Mowing Pwll Waun Cynon (photo by Chris Lawrence)

Meadow creation at Pwll Waun Cynon

Pwll Waun Cynon meadow mowing by Graham Watkeys Eight people (and an imaginary dog, a Lurcher as it happens) went to mow, and after a

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