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Coed Simdde Lwyd the new path by Tir Coed

Dormice and Gorse in Ceredigion

After last month’s possible sighting of a dormouse at Cwm Clettwr we were more successful this month finding two very cute dormice in one of

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Brushcutting Coed Maidie Meadow Em Foot

Marsh Fritillaries and Dormice in Ceredigion

Marsh fritillary larval web surveys were carried out on Rhos Pil Bach and Rhos Glyn Yr Helyg but unfortunately we didn’t find any despite the

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Coed Penglanowen Glade by E Foot

Snowberries and Glades in Ceredigion

The mammoth task for August was to pull all the ragwort on our new reserve, Rhos Marion. After about 40 years of no pulling there

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Lasting legacy of Rhos Marion

Marion’s Lasting Legacy

A new nature reserve has been created in south Ceredigion by the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales, thanks to a very generous legacy

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Bracken Beware in Ceredigion

This month we have continued to clear the vegetation growth on the footpaths on several reserves: Coed Simdde Lwyd, Cwm Clettwr, Old Warren Hill and

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Quadrat cell over mature honeycomb worm reef

The health and community structure of the biogenic reef at Cei Bach, Cardigan Bay

For six weeks during May-July, Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre (CBMWC) volunteer Justin Grainger – an undergraduate student from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge – undertook

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Planting the Jubilee tree

South Ceredigion’s Jubillee Tree

As its own celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and in agreement with the County Council, South Ceredigion group planted a sessile oak in the

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Penderi Cliffs by Em Foot

Sunny Days on Penderi Cliffs

It’s hard to believe that it is June with the weather we have been having but it has certainly helped the grass and flowers grow.

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Rhos Pil Bach Entrance Path by E Foot

May in Ceredigion…

At Coed Simdde Lwyd we mended the fence around the old mine. This involved carrying multiple fence posts and heavy tools up some very steep

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Heather in Flower at Coed Simdde Lwyd by Em Foot

Fences and Footpaths in Ceredigion

This month has been more constructive than usual with lots of fence building and footpath work. We’ve been to Coed Maidie B Goddard for a

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Cors Ian Boardwalk by E Foot

March in Ceredigion…

March was a month of variety both in terms of weather and tasks, mostly grasslands rather than woodlands this month. A day was spent clearing

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brash piles create havens for wildlife

Coppicing in Ceredigion

February has been a month of tree cutting, a nice break from the monotony of brambles! We have continued our thinning at Coed Maidie B

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