Category: Ceredigion News

The Bridges of Ceredigion County

Our major project this month has been to move a bridge at Coed Maidie B Goddard that was being undermined and was next to quite …

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Sabellaria close up by Laura Mears

Honeycomb worms – ecosystem engineers

Although we do not have coral reefs in Welsh waters, there are a number of marine plants and animals whose hard skeletons and tubes form …

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Oak Cottage renovation works

No distractions, just natural attractions

Escape to a world full of nature and wildlife. A stay at Oak Cottage will offer you the once in a lifetime experience to share …

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Water Vole by Margaret Holland

Help Us Find Ratty

Mole’s friend Ratty, the misnamed water vole, has faced some serious threats over the last few decades. Water voles are a protected species but sadly …

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New Steps Em Foot

Dormice and New Steps in Cwm Clettwr

Our winter work started in earnest this month: we cut down more sycamore saplings in Coed Penglanowen and attacked encroaching scrub at Caeau Llety Cybi, …

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The Cletwr Trail- A healthy and fun activity for families.

If you are looking for a fun outdoor activity to share with your family after Christmas visit Siop Cynfelyn, in Tre’r ddol, and take part …

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Devil's Bit Scabious by E Foot

From summer surveys in to winter work in Ceredigion.

Towards the end of September we did the last of our marsh fritillary larval web surveys at Rhos Fullbrook  where we found 2 webs (slightly …

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New Bridge Em Foot

A new bridge in Ceredigion.

The big news this month is that, after many months of thought and preparation, the new bridge at Cwm Clettwr Nature Reserve has now been …

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ragwort close up L Maiden

Ragwort and more ragwort in Ceredigion…

Most of this month has been spent pulling ragwort! Rhos Marion, Rhos Glandenys and  Caeau Llety Cybi all have plenty and as they are grazed …

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Bottlenose dolphin by Doug Perrine

Seaside Fun

What we see when we look out at those beautiful blue waters on a summers day is only a tiny fraction of the picture. Welsh …

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Himalayan Balsam flower, invasive non-native species

Teifi Balsam Bash

Himalayan balsam is a very aggressive annual plant which has bullied out many of our native plants along waterways within Wales. The nature of the …

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Dolphins by Sarah Perry CBMWC

Dolphins and Boat Traffic in Cardigan Bay

You may have seen or heard in the media recently of claims that Cardigan Bay’s famous bottlenose dolphins are being driven away by increasing boat …

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