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Badger roadkill Apr 09 by L Wilberforce

Play your part in the bovine TB eradication programme

We need your help. As part of a Welsh Government programme to learn more about bovine TB infection in our badger population they have commissioned …

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Carmel hedge laying the Breconshire Style

Hedgerows and Wild Service Trees in Carmarthenshire

Frequent travellers along the A476, Crosshands to Llandeilo road could not have failed to notice the large amount of laid hedge there is now at …

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Red Squirrel by Graham Eaton

Red Squirrels – in Rhandirmwyn One Day?

In an exciting new development, Welsh Government funding has been awarded to us helping support community action across the red squirrel focal area. The funding from …

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Wax cap in Carmarthenshire

Marsh Pea and Wax Caps in Carmarthenshire

With the discovery of marsh pea in an area of Ffrwd Farm Mire where it had been previously unrecorded, we set about trying to manage …

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Opening up ponds at Cors Goch

Water Voles, Marsh Fritillaries and Harvest Mice

This past month has been particularly pleasant with continually good weather and exciting wildlife in Carmarthenshire. Starting in early August we had our water vole …

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Water Vole Release at Frwd Farm Mire

Carmarthenshire Tails: ‘Ratty’s Return’

In a quiet corner of rural Carmarthenshire, lying low in the beautiful Gwendraeth valley, WTSWW’s Ffrwd Farm Mire nature reserve can be found. Part of …

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Red Squirrel by Jon Hawkins

Communities Act to Save the Red Squirrel in Mid Wales

Over 50 people congregated in community centres across mid Wales last week to find out about how local people can act to save the red …

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Ffrwd Farm Mire digger on site B Killa

Ffrwd’s Ditches

February this year saw a digger and it’s driver from Natural Resources Wales at Ffrwd Farm Mire. Ffrwd forms part of the Gwernedd Pembre SSSI. …

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Red Squirrel by Graham Eaton

Co-operating for a Brighter Future for Red Squirrels in Mid Wales

The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales (WTSWW) has employed a new officer to help protect red squirrels in mid Wales thanks to funding …

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Ponies grazing, Garn South May 2014 Carmel

Caerneddau ponies at Carmel

Earlier this year, staff and volunteers spent several cold and wet days at Carmel Nature Reserve, clearing and burning brambles on an exposed ridge. The …

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Badger being released by Tom Marshall

Badger Vaccination update

Whilst the controversial badger cull pilots in England appear set to continue, we felt it was time to review what’s been happening in the management …

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Water Vole by Margaret Holland

Help Us Find Ratty

Mole’s friend Ratty, the misnamed water vole, has faced some serious threats over the last few decades. Water voles are a protected species but sadly …

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