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badger by Jon Hawkins

Badger vaccination resumes in Llandeilo

The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales has just completed a third year of badger vaccination in its Castle Woods nature reserve, Llandeilo. The

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Badger vaccination project to be suspended

Deputy Minister for Farming and Food, Rebecca Evans, has announced that due to a global shortage of the BCG vaccine, she has suspended sourcing of

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EcoCon delivering badger vaccine at Dinefwr Castle Woods

Badger Vaccination Resumes in Llandeilo

Work has just begun on the year two programme of its five year plan to vaccinate the badgers in our Castle Woods nature reserve, Llandeilo.

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Badger being released by Tom Marshall

Badger Vaccination update

Whilst the controversial badger cull pilots in England appear set to continue, we felt it was time to review what’s been happening in the management

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Brian the Badger by Rose Revera

Badger sculpture named after celebrity anti-cull campaigner, Queen’s Brian May

Following the installation of the new Badger sculpture at Parc Slip Nature Reserve, the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales, who own and manage

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Badger by Margaret Holland

Why vaccinate badgers against TB?

Why vaccinate badgers against TB? It is not a cure, there are no field studies to show how effective it will be and isn’t it

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Badger Appeal update

As culling of badgers starts in England, Wales has thankfully taken a different route. Currently badgers are being vaccinated across Pembrokeshire in order to prevent

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Badger by Jon Bowen

Liver fluke soars to disrupt bovine TB test results

Press release from the Badger Trust As MPs prepare to debate badger killing next Thursday (October 25th) two developments show how bovine tuberculosis (bTB) is

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Badger in the garden at night by Margaret Holland

Latest Badger Cull News

The last few weeks have seen an interesting turn of events with regards to the badger cull; after a week which saw over 150,000 people

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badger cull picture

Badger Cull E-Petition

As many of you will already know, on 11th September the Badger Trust  lost its appeal against the judgment given by Lord Justice Ouseley on

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Badger by Margaret Holland

Latest on Badgers August 2012

Over the last month, things have been moving apace in both England and Wales, with badger vaccination well underway here in south west Wales and

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Badger by Andrew Mason

Latest Badger News

With badger vaccination already underway in the Intensive Action Area (IAA) in Wales, the spotlight this month has turned on England, where the High Court

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