Wildlife Trust reserve to become star of the big screen!

A new film, a large part of which is being shot in the Carmarthenshire Countryside, has visited WTSWW’s Castle Woods nature reserve as one of its locations.

‘How I Live Now’ is directed by Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland, Touching the Void) and stars Saoirse Ronan (Atonement, Lovely Bones) and is an adaptation of the war-time tale by Meg Rosoff.

How I Live Now filming at Llandyfeisant Church

How I Live Now filming at Llandyfeisant Church by L Wilberforce

WTSWW staff were able to be on site during the day spent filming on the Trust’s nature reserve, and it was certainly one of the more unusual and exciting things to fall within a day in the life of a Wildlife Trust Officer!

Producer at Cowboy Films, Charles Steel said:

"We had a fantastic time shooting the film in Wales - the support of the local community and the array of wonderful locations, more than made up for the challenges faced by the weather."

The only disadvantage of the spectacular location was perhaps the reserve’s burgeoning population of birds, whose exuberance had to be worked around to achieve that post-apocalyptic feel…

How I Live Now is due out in UK cinemas in 2013. We hope you go to see it, and keep your eyes peeled for our fantastic Llandeilo nature reserve!

HOW I LIVE NOW official synopsis - available to download (26KB)