The Puffin Prize!

Puffin by Gillian Day

Puffin by Gillian Day

The Ultimate Wildlife Competition for 10 -14 Year Olds.

Share your favourite nature experience with us for a chance to win!

Share your favourite nature experience with us for a chance to win!

Eyes on the Prize
Would you like a chance to win your very own Puffin photo book? A book made just for you? There will only be one copy, and it could be yours. We will also take you and your close family to Skomer Island as VIPs for a day! There you will be met by the Wildlife Trust Skomer Island Wardens, and one of them will be your own personal guide to the island and help you enjoy your special day.

Go Wild and Enter
You are just three steps away from winning these awesome prizes!

Step 1. All that you have to do is share with us one of your favourite experiences with nature. It could be a visit to a nature reserve, or a walk through a woodland, a hedgerow or a field full of flowers, anywhere where you have enjoyed nature. Your nature experience could be submitted as an art poster, an essay, a poem, a picture or a combination of any of these.

Step 2. Tell us why you enjoy nature and what you find interesting or exciting. You could tell us what makes you want to get close to wildlife. You could show us how nature makes you feel, or perhaps you can come up with ideas that would make it easier for you to explore the countryside and its wildlife.

We are trying to understand why young people enjoy nature. What do they find interesting and exciting and what would encourage them to explore further, to spend more time with nature so we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Step 3. All entries should be submitted to The Wildlife Trust for South and West Wales in a digital format, either as a pdf or jpeg file. The competition is for young people in the age range 10 to 14 years old.

Every entrant will receive an interactive electronic ebook created from Gilbert White’s classic nature diary, the Natural History of Selborne. The best ten entries will be published on the WTSWW website and on the ICOL (International Classrooms On Line) site.

We are really look forward to seeing your entries and good luck!

The Puffin Prize is sponsored by The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales (WTSWW) & International Classrooms On Line (ICOL).

For the competition details in WELSH please click on the link here. The Puffin Prize Competition Information Welsh pdf

Important Information for parents, guardians, and schools.

This is a Wildlife Trust for South and West Wales (WTSWW) and International Classrooms On Line competition (ICOL), open to children in the age range 10 to 14.

All communications and enteries should be addressed to The Wildlife Trust at:

  • We want to encourage children to engage with nature, and to explore their interests and relationship with wildlife.
  • We would like to improve our understanding of how young people perceive wildlife, what attracts and excites them, and what they value.
  • We need information which can enhance our ability to meet the needs of children.
  • We want to explore opportunities for improving our relationship with children.

We will have no direct contact with the entrants. All entries must be submitted, on behalf of the child, by the school, parent or guardian.

The closing date for entries is Fri 23rd October 2020! Yes, we are pleased to announce that we have extended the deadline allowing schools to now take part! 🙂

The winning entry and the 10 best entries will be informed via the school or parent.

The contact details for each entry will not be circulated to the competition judges or any anyone other than the WTSWW data manager.

The anonymous entries will be retained and used for detailed analysis.

We have not defined the media used in the entry and we have not given guidance on the media or preparation of the entries. We want to give the children as much freedom as possible. The only condition is that the entry must be sent by email.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to accept large files. Please do not use ‘We Transfer’, ‘Dropbox’, or any other similar large file mailing systems.

Please complete an entry form for each entry (see below).

We look forward to receiving your entry.

Mike Alexander
Vice Chair WTSWW 

Competition Entry Form

Please copy and paste text below onto a word document or email, then complete and return with every competition entry.

Name of entrant:
Age of entrant:
Name of adult:
Email address of adult:
Relationship to the child:
I confirm that I am the teacher/parent/legal guardian of ____________________________
I have read and understood the details of the competition and the conditions of entry. I hereby consent to the child, named above, participating in the WTSWW/ ICOL ‘Puffin Prize Competition’.

Signed _________________________________ Date ________________

Please attach the completed entry to an email addressed to: