Thank you Carmarthenshire Nature Partnership!

Carmarthenshire Volunteers

We have been able to carry on with our grey squirrel control programme in South Lodge Woods this winter, thanks to funding available through the Carmarthenshire Nature Partnership. An unpleasant task, but one that is necessary to safe guard young trees from damage by squirrels. The damage is prevalent within the woods and happens when a tree gets to approximately 15- 20 years old. The squirrels strip the bark to get at the sweet sap filled layers just beneath, as a result we have many stunted and ill formed younger trees.

The site is nationally important for its woodland and the many veteran trees it supports. It is international renowned for the lichen assemblages that inhabit, in particular, the older trees. We are concerned and believe there is a need to protect our young trees which will in turn become our future veterans.

The Local Nature Partnership funding has also paid for some welcome new tools for the Carmarthenshire Volunteers. Numbers of volunteers have increased this past year, and our existing tools have definitely seen better days. Our armoury has now got more of the conservation volunteer stables such as loppers, pruning saws and scythes plus we’ve acquired some new fencing kit. This shall be really helpful in coming years as we have many fences to renew at Carmel NNR amongst others.

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