Schoolchildren from Burry Port help out with a big clean-up in Carmarthenshire

WTSWW staff in Carmarthenshire have been joined three times this spring by students from Ysgol Glan-y-Môr in Burry Port to assist with the management of Ffrwd Farm Mire nature reserve near Pembrey, with assistance from David Stacey, tutor at Gelli Aur College.

On a sunny day early this spring the first group helped out with one of the ongoing tasks of looking after this nationally important wetland- trying to stem the tide of litter that constantly flows into the nature reserve from the adjacent B4317.

Ffrwd Farm Mire tidy up

Ffrwd Farm Mire tidy up

The students took to their overalls and high-visibility jackets in very good humour, grabbed black plastic and recycling bags, and made impressively quick progress at filling up a large number of them with everything from fly-tipped of old plastics through to the most commonplace rubbish- convenience food wrappers.

Bags and bags of crisp packets, drinks cans, fast foot outlet wrappers and plastic bottles have to be removed from this site by Trust staff and volunteers every year. The litter is not only a horrible eyesore but presents a real hazard to wildlife on the reserve.

We were also lucky enough to be joined on this day by local staff from Carmarthenshire’s Tidy Towns project, who kindly helped out with the litter clearance and provided huge assistance by taking the rubbish away for us at the end of the day, for which we are very grateful.

Brian Mogford, from Tidy Towns, who has helped us at Ffrwd on previous occasions, spends much of his working life clearing litter from locations like our nature reserve and knows only too well the hazards to wildlife- having once emptied the contents of a glass bottle collected during a litter pick, and sifting through the contents, identified the remains of at least nineteen small mammals that had become trapped and died inside it.

Continuing to clear litter from this and all our nature reserves continues to be an ongoing and significant cost to the Trust, but is a critically important part of their management. As with all our other sites, our day at Ffrwd was a great team effort and we are very grateful to David Stacey, Tidy Towns and Ysgol Glan-y-Môr for all their help.