New Wild Sculptures

The volunteer group has spent several days pulling the invasive Himalayan Balsam plant at Castle Woods. This is a particularly invasive non native species that is causing significant problems by out-competing our own native flora.

Unfortunately it spreads easily along water courses, and when the Towy floods each winter, flood waters bring balsam seed up to the base of our woodlands.

Although easily pulled up, the shear volume of plants require a considerable amount of man power to ensure that they don’t become too prolific in the woodlands.
Last week a combined effort from volunteers from Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion resulted in a huge amount of Balsam pulled, and another section of woods cleared.

We’ve also been fixing up the fence at Nant Melin. This is a woodland reserve near Rhandirmwyn. The surrounding land is grazed my sheep and where trees have fallen across the fence, sheep have been accessing and grazing the woodland floor. We have repaired some of the fence but shall be back again shortly to continue the job and ensure the whole periphery fence is secure.

Woodland Sculptures Carmel

Woodland Sculptures Carmel

A small number of carved wood sculptures have been installed at Carmel. These will help make the site more welcoming to visitors whilst also helping to informally interpret the wildlife found on the reserve. Also installed has been several new interpretation panel at the various entrances, these should hopefully help new visitors to the site orientate themselves better and explain some of the site’s special features.

We have spent a day at Cors Goch, our lowland raised bog near Carmarthen. The path was becoming overgrown and access onto the bog had become increasingly difficult. Keeping this path open is important for management and research purposes.