Ffrwd’s Ditches

February this year saw a digger and it’s driver from Natural Resources Wales at Ffrwd Farm Mire. Ffrwd forms part of the Gwernedd Pembre SSSI. It is a fantastic wetland reserve, with a great combination of Reed bed, marshy grassland, and willow carr.

Ffrwd Farm Mire digger on site B Killa

Ffrwd Farm Mire digger on site B Killa

The aim of the work carried out was to create some more open water habitat in the North Western corner. Previously there had been several open ditches and more open water in this area but due to inundation of vegetation and the inevitable succession, these have been shrinking and becoming chocked. This is to the detriment to some of the water loving plants found here, of particular concern was Frogbit, Water dock and Floating club- rush. These plant species are either rare or infrequently found locally, and could be lost without management intervention.

The work took over a week to complete, and afterwards we were left with 3 freshly dugout ditches and a new pond. This summer the sides have greened up nicely and the ditches look great. Also we’re really pleased to see that Frogbit had already colonised the pond!

We hope that these new ditches will also be of benefit to the 100+ captive bred water vole’s that are planned to be released at Ffrwd this summer. The water vole reintroduction project is being run by NRW, who caught the breeding stock at Llanelli last autumn. Ffrwd has been identified as good water vole habitat, and with the Llanelli water voles being under constant pressure, it is hoped that by increasing their range then their long term survival is maximised. We are very grateful to NRW for their hard work and interest in the site.