Castle Woods, Llandeilo, restoration project

The last two years have seen significant input of effort and resources at Castle Woods, thanks to funding from the Forestry Commission through its Better Woodlands for Wales grant scheme, and  considerable match funding from Cwm Environmental though its grant programme in Carmarthenshire managed by GrantScape.

Castle Woods L Wilberforce

Castle Woods L Wilberforce

The project has supported the removal of the Himalayan balsam (which comprised 60 person days in 2011 alone), and the replacement and repair of over 1km of boundary fencing which has been key in keeping out trespassing livestock from adjacent landholdings. The old fence had been flattened in many places by falling trees and tree limbs, and was all grown through with bramble, so it was a really big piece of work to reinstate it.

We have also installed a new oak picnic table near Dinefwr Castle, and put up lots of new nest boxes. The purchase of new tools has also supported the Carmarthenshire volunteer team in their ongoing work to maintain and improve the woodland habitat, for example by thinning the ash regeneration in South Lodge Woods.

The grants have really improved the interpretation of the nature reserve. Despite being one of our flagship nature reserves, we did not have a reserve leaflet for Castle Woods- something that we have now been able to do- bringing more people to the site and helping to guide them round the path network and introduce them to the wildlife they are seeing. Two new interpretation panels have also been installed, detailing Castle Woods’ very special features, including its veteran trees and the multitude of species they support.

We are really grateful to everyone who has been involved in the project- volunteers, contractors and partners. Thank you also to our funders, Forestry Commission and Cwm Environmental, who made it all possible.

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