ShoreFin report 2014

Initiated in 2014, ShoreFin is our dedicated land-based bottlenose dolphin photo-identification (photo-ID) project whose aim is to build up an understanding of bottlenose dolphin site usage within the New Quay bay area, to find out which individuals visit the New Quay bay and to find out more about the ecology and life history of these animals.

This field season our primary aim was to develop our methodology for establishing this as an ongoing research project. By documenting the individual animals that visit the New Quay bay area we aim to acquire a greater understanding of the bottlenose dolphin population
residing in Cardigan Bay. We anticipate that the data we collected in 2014 will contribute towards answering further questions regarding bottlenose dolphin site usage,  behaviours and provide additional information on the range of the local population as well as the potential effects of human activities on their behaviour.

For more information on the project visit our ShoreFin page and follow us on Twitter @ShoreFin

PDF icon Download the ShoreFin project report 2014