Urge Your MEPs to #DefendNature

Save our Wildlife!

Save our Wildlife!

EU Nature Directives

Environment Ministers from across the EU – including the UK – have sent a clear signal that the Nature Directives are vital and should be properly implemented, not weakened. Now we need our MEPs to do the same.

In the first week of February the whole European Parliament will vote on a key report on what still needs to be done to halt and reverse the loss of our wildlife by 2020. This is our MEPs’ first opportunity to stand up for the Nature Directives and a crucial moment to send a crystal clear political message that they will defend the laws that protect our nature too.

Over 520,000 people across Europe spoke up to save the Nature Directives over the summer of 2015, and now EU Environment Ministers have acknowledged how important they are. But there’s still political pressure to weaken these laws and it’s the politics that will have the final say. If enough MEPs stand together in defence of our wildlife they’ll send their own strong political signal against interfering with our vital nature protection laws.

The Environment Committee, a dedicated group of MEPs representing all the political parties, have produced a report on what needs to be done to secure nature recovery by 2020. It supports keeping the Nature Directives as they are and instead focussing on putting them fully into practice in each Member State. The whole parliament now has an opportunity to vote on the report.

How you can help 

Your MEPs represent you, and we need a majority of MEPs to vote in favour of the report. Please write to or email at least one of your MEPs and urge them to vote to approve the report and make it the official position of the European Parliament.

Click Template Email/Letter to download a template that can be emailed or, even better, physically sent to the Brussels office of your MEP(s). A list of MEPs contact can be found here: MEPs Contacts

The vote will take place in the first week of February, but the political parties will meet to agree their positions the week before, so the sooner you can write the better. You can find out your MEPs’ names and contact details in Annex 2. If you can, please send us a copy of your message and any replies you receive – it helps us track how the campaign is doing and MEPs are responding. You can send them to Joan Edwards at jedwards@wildlifetrusts.org (Joan can also answer any questions that you have).