Take action to save funding for wildlife from the LCF

Please help.

You can make a significant contribution to our effort to save this fund for wildlife and conservation by submitting a response to the Welsh Government consultation by 19 May 2015. The more voices speaking in favour of continuing to use these funds to support the voluntary sector and wildlife projects, the stronger our case. Welsh Government regularly receive fewer than 100 responses to their consultations, so your letter really COULD make a difference.

Please write to, or email, Welsh Government (FinancialReformMailbox@wales.gsi.gov.uk) to urge them to continue to use the Landfill Communities Fund to fund wildlife projects. Your own words will always be the most powerful, but if you are short of time you may find it useful to download a template letter here.

If you wish to write your own letter to your local Assembly Member or to Welsh Government, you may wish to include any or all of the following:

  • The Landfill Communities Fund is one of the few funding streams for dedicated wildlife projects.
  • It produces direct environmental benefits for communities living in close proximity to landfill sites
  • Funding wildlife projects through the Landfill Communities Fund will help Wales to meet its key wildlife targets and legal obligations
  • I support the use of Landfill Tax to fund charities such as the Wildlife Trust to undertake amazing projects to protect and enhance important habitats and species. This will help ensure that our woodlands are alive with birdsong, our rivers are bubbling with life and our meadows are bursting with butterflies
  • Funding wildlife projects helps inspires individuals and communities to connect with nature
  • Welsh Government should increase the percentage of Landfill Tax that goes to funding wildlife projects to 10%

Please send letters or emails to:

Landfill Community Fund Consultation
Tax Policy and Legislation Division
2nd Floor East
Welsh Government
Cathays Park
CF10 3NQ

Email: FinancialReformMailbox@wales.gsi.gov.uk (please use 'Landfill Disposals Tax' in the subject line)

You can also contact your Assembly Member through www.writetothem.org to tell him/her how important the Landfill Communities Fund is for wildlife in Wales. We would be grateful if you could send us a copy of the letter or email you send to Welsh Government or Assembly Member as this will help us monitor the progress of our campaign. Please send your copies to info@wtwales.org

Thank you very much for your help.