Case Study 02: Parc Slip Nature Reserve, Bridgend (SITA Trust)

In 2014, WTSWW received a Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) grant of £26,060 from SITA Trust to manage and create habitats for our breeding Lapwing population at Parc Slip Nature Reserve. The Lapwing is an iconic farmland bird which has undergone drastic declines across the UK as a result of loss of breeding habitat. Today the lapwing is a U.K. and Wales priority species requiring urgent action.

Through the LCF, WTSWW was able to undertake a series of habitat creation and management projects, ranging from pool and scrape creation, scrub clearance, cattle grazing, predator fencing and the installation of cryptic nest sites such as shingle islands.

In order to complete the work that was required to improve the habitat for Lapwing, WTSWW worked in partnership with local farmers and volunteers who helped with scrub clearance and scrape creation that was taking place on site. These volunteers have come from all sorts of backgrounds, including students, retirees and those who just want to help out in their spare time.

In total, 40 volunteers have donated their time and effort to the project, amounting to over 220 volunteer hours, which has been an invaluable contribution to the project. Without the help of the volunteers, WTSWW would have been unable to complete as much of the fantastic habitat management works that have taken place this winter for Lapwing.