A Manifesto for Wildlife

'Common Dolphin and Calf' by Mike Snelle

'Common Dolphin and Calf' by Mike Snelle

As the Welsh Government election approaches we all have questions to ask our Assembly Member candidates, however sometimes it can be overwhelming. The Wildlife Trusts in Wales have created a manifesto for wildlife which will help you ask some of those questions as candidates come knocking at the door.

We all need nature. Wild and natural landscapes sustain us: they give us clean water to drink and fresh air to breathe; they store carbon and protect our houses from flooding; they can help make us happy and healthy.

But despite all this, nature is fading away from our lives. 60% of the species we know about are in decline and fewer than 10% of children regularly play in wild places. And it’s not just wildlife that’s losing out. It’s us too. Our health and wellbeing is increasingly at risk from problems such as obesity and mental illness, and the loss of wildlife and wild places is part of the problem – and those with the least are often affected the most.

What we need

• Leadership and resources – The value of nature needs to be at the heart of decision-making across government.
• Nature’s network – We need bigger, better and more connected nature on land and at sea.

Download the full manifesto.