Our Mammal Mission Appeal West Glamorgan

The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales is on a mission to help wildlife in west Glamorgan, but we need your help…

It’s no secret that wildlife is struggling. It’s vitally important that we’re doing all we can to protect them. Unfortunately our resources only go so far until we rely on kind donations from people like you. By donating to this appeal you will be helping us to protect wildlife in west Glamorgan.

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What we’ve been doing so far…

Killay Marsh Nature Reserve in Swansea is an oasis for wildlife due to it being extremely wet and difficult to access and manage. But this provides a mostly undisturbed refuge for species such as foxes. At Peel Wood Nature Reserve between Mumbles and Newton we’ve had some large non native sycamore trees taken out to let light in to allow native wildflowers such as ramsons to flourish. Before felling, bat surveys were carried out, which found no roosts, but bats are feeding in the area.

Pipistrelle bat

Pipistrelle bat

What we’d like to do with your help…

We would like to leave sections of Killay Marsh Nature Reserve untouched to minimise disturbance and would like help to manage areas where visitors can go. At Peel Wood we would like to hang bat boxes and remove other non native species.

Please, if you can, kindly donate to our Mammal Mission Appeal to enable us to protect wildlife on your doorstep.